The Top 3 Natural Alternatives To Steroids: Hardgainer Edition

So, You wanna get big and strong, but don’t want to permanently fuck your hormone levels and shrink your balls? Then you’re in the right place. Whether you are a complete newb to the gym, or a seasoned lifter, EVERY man will benefit from utilizing the top 3 NATURAL alternatives to steroids.

If you’ve never used any of these methods that I’m about to show you, then you’re in for a treat. Many users report an INSANE increase in strength, muscle mass and performance (especially with number one on the list).

You will find yourself being able to blast through PR’s, and have the endurance of a goddamn horse as you plow through your workout. All without having to worry about any of the nasty side effects that comes with steroid abuse.

Why Seek Natural Alternatives To Steroids?

benefits of being a natty lifter

So before we begin, why start naturally?

The key here, is that I said start.

Obviously you do not have to stay natural forever, and in fact, depending on your goals, I wouldn’t even recommended it. However with that being said I believe it is CRUCIAL that everyone start their gym journey naturally.

The reason for this being is that when you first start lifting you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.

If you think that going to the gym and moving heavy weight from point A to point B, will create the physique of your dreams, then you are DEAD wrong. The reality is that there is so much that goes into creating your perfect body. From dieting properly, developing PERFECT form, and mind muscle connection, etc.

This is why I don’t recommend getting into any serious PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) until you’ve been lifting for at LEAST 3 years consistently. Ideally, more than that. The funny thing is, is that when you first start out, you won’t even need steroids.

Yup, when you first get to the gym and start lifting, your body freaks the fuck out and starts putting on muscle AS FAST AS POSSIBLE because it’s trying to adapt to the new intense stress. This is why a lot of the time newbies can put on muscle faster than people on steroids can!

Eventually, you will start to learn the ins and outs of lifting, You will perfect your diet, have a good understanding of human biology, and your body’s own personal limitations and capabilities. Then once you have that level of knowledge, THEN you can consider getting into the next level shit.

But while you’re first starting, out it’s best to avoid them entirely for reasons that I’ll talk about now.

Steroid Risks And Dangers

Steroid usage

Although it may be tempting to get into steroids for the “increased lean muscle mass” that comes with them, I would advise you to at least TRY the natural supplements listed below for various reasons.

Natural SupplementsSteroids/PED's
Very StrongStrongest
Little ToxicityHigh Toxicity
Very Few Side EffectsHigh Level/Quantity Side Effects

Not just These, But steroids have also been linked to even more side effects such as…

So yeah, make it a priority to find natural alternatives to steroids for all of the results, with hardly any of the side effects. Next, let’s get into why it doesn’t even matter if you DO decide to take steroids unless you understand some critical concepts.

Why It Doesn’t Even Matter

Alright, now listen the fuck up because this will arguably be one of the greatest mind fucks I can give you if you’re first starting out…

But the truth of the matter is, You can create a FAR better physique with proper form and dieting than someone who uses steroids but has shitty form, a bad mindset, and doesn’t eat and recover properly.

Yup, some people may disagree with me on this one but that’s okay. Take a look at the two pictures below. This transformation took me only 3 months. And the best part is? I did it NATURALLY. I had just gotten out of a huge rut where I didn’t work out for a couple months, then all of a sudden the pandemic hit.

Suddenly, I had WAY more free time since my highschool completely shut down. I decided to use this time to essentially “lock myself” in my home gym for nearly 4-5 hours a day perfecting EVERYTHING that I could.

This is why I’m so passionate about doing all of the little things to get BIG results.

Pretty impressive for only 3 months no?

In the first pic, as you can see I weighed about 140 pounds. In the second picture I weighed like 160 MAX. This does not mean it was all muscle however, there was probably an increase in fat as well as water retention, but I think that 99% of the guys of the planet would prefer the physique on the right.

Results like this are actually incredibly simple once you get down to it. Eat the RIGHT foods, not just chicken breast all the damn time. Supplement effectively (like what I’m about to show you). And make sure you are developing that PERFECT mind muscle connection to effectively target your muscles. I cannot stress this enough.

So now that you have a basic understanding as to why you don’t need steroids to achieve a great physique, and the risks of steroids in the first place. Let’s get into the top 3 natural alternatives to steroids.


Creatine as a natural alternative to steroids

Creatine is often referred to as “legal steroids” because of its ability to pack on slabs of muscle and drastically increase strength in a short period of time. Creatine is one of the fundamental supplements that every hardgainer should have in their arsenal at all times because of just how damn effective it is.

There’s all sorts of different types of creatine, and recommended dosages, time to take, brands, etc. but when you’re first starting out all you really need to know is the basics, so with that being said…

What Is Creatine? And How Does It Work?

Creatine is an amino acid that is primarily located in the molecules of muscle fibers, and in your brain. It is one of the world’s most tested performance enhancing supplements out there and is used by athletes, bodybuilders, and regular gym goers alike.

This amino acid helps your muscles to produce energy when you workout intensely, leading to better performance, increased strength and better gym sessions overall. It does this by increasing your muscles’ ability to create ATP, which is kinda like your body’s energy currency.

When your body has more ATP to utilize, that energy can then be used to increased workout performance/strength. This doesn’t mean you’ll be wired or jittery though. It simply means that when you’re body needs that extra kick to lift heavy weights, creatine will send your muscle fibers into overdrive to do so.

So when it comes to natural alternatives to steroids, creatine is by far your best bet in terms of cost to performance, as it’s literally so fucking cheap. Currently, as of August 21, on Amazon it’s like twenty bucks for 600 grams of the stuff.

I personally take like 3 grams per day, and if you do the math, that’s 200 days of consistent creatine for only TWENTY DOLLARS for one of the best natural alternatives to steroids of all time.

That’s like 10 cents A DAY, and often times it’s even cheaper, it usually depends on amazons stock.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Creatine?

When you take creatine, your body stores it in your muscles as phosphocreatine, which in turn creates ATP for your muscles. More ATP means better overall gym performance and muscle gains.

Creatine also has the effect of drawing more water into your muscles due to its water retention properties, so although that means you’ll have to drink more water (ideally a gallon a day), the results will be massively worth it as your muscles will appear more full, larger, and well rounded, due to the increased hydration.

Here are some more benefits that come when you start to supplement creatine, nature’s natural steroid.

  • Reduces muscle wasting
  • Increases muscular hydration
  • Raises IGF-1 (basically one of the body’s “get big” hormones)
  • Boosts testosterone levels
  • Drastically increases strength
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Enhances explosive energy output
  • and more…

All these benefits here are why creatine is a bodybuilder and athlete’s best friend. When you have all of these effects going for you, it greatly increases your gym experience overall.

When you first start you may notice some water retention at first, this is fine and doesn’t usually become a problem unless you’re dehydrating yourself, which shouldn’t happen if you’re getting at least a gallon of water a day like you should be.

But eventually, all of a sudden the full force of the benefits will hit you like a fucking school bus.

All of a sudden the weights you were struggling with just a week prior, you’ll be able to lift with ease, and do it explosively too. Your strength will also increase as well. In some studies participants who supplemented with creatine saw a 20% increase in strength and athletic performance almost immediately (within a week or two).

And as far as side effects, there are VERY few. Again, creatine is one of the most widely researched supplements out there, and as far as personal experience goes, the only side effect I have ever noticed was water retention. The safety and research of the supplement makes creatine one of the best natural alternatives to steroids out there.

However, I wouldn’t list this as a side effect because the only way that it affected me really, was making my muscles look WAY bigger than before, so take this into consideration before you use one of the most powerful natural alternatives to steroids.

Something to note, I am not a doctor, so if you DO happen to experience any issues when taking creatine, be sure to talk to yours.

Supplement Stacks

Testosterone boosting supplement stack as one of the best natural alternatives to steroids
You don’t have to take all of these, but these are some of the pills I take everyday

Supplements are a great way to increase your body’s testosterone levels. Supplements are literally the epitome of natural alternatives to steroids for boosting your testosterone production through the roof.

Testosterone is the leading hormone when it comes to building muscle, and is exactly what steroids aim to do. Alas, you can achieve absolutely insane results with the supplements stack I’m about to give you.

In short, a supplement stack is a group of vitamins, nutrients, minerals etc. that work synergistically to increase your testosterone levels in this case.

Although I can’t give you my personal testosterone boosting supplement stack (that comes as a bonus when you buy my new program), I can give you a great beginner stack that will get you on the right path so that you can see amazing results.

Seriously if this is your first time trying a test boosting stack, I’m jealous.

No really, not many things can quite compare to that first time you hop on one and feel like Zeus for the first time, all that energy, power, dominance, etc. feels fucking amazing. In our case however we’re looking at the stacks ability to increase your muscle mass by boosting testosterone.

With that said, here’s a great beginner stack to get you started…

Take this stack for at least a week or two and you’ll see what I mean. Everything will become more clear, you’ll develop a bit of an edge to your personality, and you’ll be able to attack the gym with a renewed ferocity as well as start to put on muscle literally faster than 80% of your competition.

Taken alone, these supplements are great for boosting testosterone, but taken together makes them one of the best natural alternatives to steroids that I know of.

Key Diet Changes

Healthy foods are the most natural form of testosterone boosting supplements

Last but certainly not least is getting your diet in check. If you’re diet consist of soy, fast foods, and overall junk, how much muscle do you think you’re going to put on? Not much, that’s for sure.

When it comes to natural alternatives to steroids, you want foods that will boost your body’s natural testosterone production, while reducing its estrogen production (estrogen essentially is the opposite of testosterone).

Foods To Seek Out (Hormone Boosting)

Overall, when looking for natural alternatives to steroids, foods with tons of healthy fats and nutrients are going to be your best bet. Do not be misled and think that all fat from food is bad.

I used to have this mindset once and avoided all fat from foods. What ended up happening was at the age of 13 I had creaky joints, and every time I went outside the sun was so blindingly bright it gave me headaches, even regular indoor lights were so bright I’d have to block them out one way or another, all because my body was starved of a critical energy source

The truth is healthy fats are the best, 100% natural alternatives to steroids.

Here are a few foods with healthy fats that will help you to boost your hormones.

  • Nuts (especially almonds and brazil nuts)
  • Avocados
  • Eggs, eggs, eggs (arguably the most important food on this list, make sure you don’t throw out the yolk)
  • Steak fats
  • Coconut Oil

All these foods are great sources of healthy fats and if you start incorporating these foods into your diet you will not only look better, but you will feel much better too.

Don’t be a dummy like I used to be, get your healthy fats.

Foods To Avoid As Much As Possible

In addition to getting healthy fats, and other good foods, it’s just as important to cut out the bullshit foods that are hurting your progress more than helping.

From increasing estrogen levels, to hurting your muscle building, and increasing fat stores, you will want to avoid the following foods as much as possible...

  • Soy (any kinds)
  • Excessive alcohol (a little bit here and there is okay, just don’t over do it)
  • Soda
  • SUGAR (sugar is fucking terrible for you, the sooner you cut it out the better)
  • Fast/Junk Foods of all kind

Start today, don’t wait. Catch yourself saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”. When you say you’ll do something eventually, that’s your subconscious’ way of saying that it will never happen, but without having to feel the guilt of actually saying so. So start today, throw away your junk right fucking now, you don’t need it and you will be a much better person because of it.

(Bonus Supplements)

Obviously, there’s a ton of other supplements for building muscle naturally. However, these bonuses are arguably some of the best at doing so.

Using these supplements, you can expect to literally increase your progress of gaining muscle and shredding fat up to THREE-FOLD when used properly, so pay attention.

The bonus supplements For building muscle are as follows:

Turkesterone is often times referred to as “Nature’s Steroid” because of it’s incredible ability to deliver outstanding results using a chemical commonly found in plants.

A great, natural, testosterone booster will send your results through the roof, with the first major thing that you’ll notice is an immediate and DRASTIC increase in strength.

And lastly, a quality mass gainer, will make sure your body gets a hyper-supply of every single vitamin, mineral and branch chain amino acid you could possibly need for packing on slabs of muscle.

When it comes to naturally building muscle, the first three items in this article are easily the best and really all you need. That being said, those three combined WITH these bonuses?

All I’m saying is be prepared for steroid accusations because you’ll be putting on muscle so fast and staying shredded, and it’s a small price to pay for the rewards to come haha.

Natural Alternatives To Steroids: The Bottom Line

Want more natural alternatives to steroids?

I realize if you’re just getting into weightlifting or working out, that this can all seem a bit daunting. After all, throwing away all junk food, supplements, lifestyle changes? Yes, it’s a lot, and YES it’s worth it.

If you’re still lost however, and want to burn fat as fast as possible, while stacking on pounds of muscle, without having to follow a bland diet, then look no further than my aesthetic abs routine.

I’m currently testing this product and it will not be available for much longer, but if you do decide to purchase it before it’s taken off the market for good, you can expect things such as…

  • The Fat Shredding “Fast Lane” Method To Burn Muscle Even If You Are Literally Sitting On The Couch (Obviously Workout Still Though)
  • A Full Nutritional Layout That You Can Follow Every Single Day For Exponential Results
  • A Full Ab Routine That Will Show You The Secrets Of Building The “Greek God” 6 Pack Without All The Bullshit Lies of the Fitness Industry
  • (BONUSES) If You Order Now, You’ll Also Get Access To My Elite Level Tips That Are NOT For Beginners. As Well As Access To Nearly EVERY SINGLE Supplement That I take On A Daily Basis
  • And much, much, more…

This is just a small taste of what you’ll get from the program for literally less money then you’ll spend on lunch tomorrow. Like I said however, I will not keep this up forever, and I am not sure how much longer I will keep it up.

Overall, these are the top 3 natural alternatives to steroids. Many factors were taken into consideration when making this list, such as beginner friendly, cost, ease of implementation etc. This list was created so that you could start today, or as soon as possible

I want to see you guys win, so do what you gotta do, order the supplements off amazon, throw out your junk food and drink a big ass glass of water, just START.

Because the truth is, is that your body must come before everything else, because when your body and mind are fueled by great nutrients and minerals, you will be more effective at EVERYTHING you do.

So go, take action today to start making your dreams a reality. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email me at and as always I’ll see you guys next time!

Go kick some ass,

Matthew Carter

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