The Ultimate Guide To Greek God Abs: Tip #3 Works INSTANTLY!

So you want Greek God abs but aren’t sure how. We’ve all been there, right?

Maybe you’re watching one of the Thor movies with a group of people, and in comes the scene where Chris Hemsworth has his shirt off to reveal his Norse god abs.

While this happens, you’re kinda just watching the movie but then it seems like damn near every girl within a half-mile radius sighs with satisfaction.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind of effect? Wouldn’t it be great to go to any sort of water park, pool, beach, etc., and NOT have to debate on whether or not you should wear a t-shirt?

If any of this applies to you, and you’re ready for a REAL change, then let’s jump right into this.

Whether you relate to any of the above scenarios, or you simply want a better six-pack/ physique in general, this guide will cover EVERYTHING you need to get Greek god abs.

If you’re ready for a change, then let’s not waste any more time and get into it.

The 3 Keys To Greek God Abs

Greek God Abs workout for a chiseled physique

In order to get the Greek god physique or really anything in life. You need to understand the fundamentals of how to get there in the first place.

If you do not understand the principles and take the time to MASTER them, you will be left with a mediocre six-pack at best (There are levels to how good your abs can be).

Luckily the fundamentals to getting Greek God abs are easy and simple to comprehend but it’s up to you to integrate the proper habits.

When it comes to getting Greek God abs, there are 3 things you really need to master…

If any one of the top 3 are lacking, then so will your six-pack.

You can have the best diet and workout program, but if your mindset is lacking, then you’ll half-ass everything and quit within a month because you’re not “getting results fast enough”.

Here’s the difference between this routine and 95% of other routines out there:

Aesthetics Based RoutineMost Mainstrem Ab Routines
Tapers obliques, creating a "V" shapeOver develops obliques causing shoulders to look less broad
Focuses on creating an "Adonis Belt"Focuses on creating a "Burn" so you FEEL like you're getting a good workout
Develops abs in a symmetrical manner, making the rest of your physique look betterWill get you abs, but will be terribly out of proportion, which hurts the rest of your physique

Likewise, if you’ve got the right mindset, and a good workout routine, but you don’t give a shit about diet, then you’ll basically be running around in circles wondering why you don’t have the Greek God body and why you’re putting in so much work but not getting ANYWHERE.

The Right Mindset

David Goggins quote on the determination to get Greek God abs

Gentlemen, understand one thing…

You are about to embark on a marathon, not a sprint.

So many guys start out with extreme levels of motivation that eventually start to peter out within a month or two when they realize they DON’T look like fitness models yet.

This is why you see SO MANY people at the gym for the month of January, but then what happens?

Within a month, THEY’RE ALL GONE! This is what happens when you rely way too heavily on a certain “feeling” to go after your goals.

In the end, it comes down to one thing…

Do you want Greek God abs? Okay, then go get them. It’s really that simple.

If I had to give a quick piece of advice it would be to have a goal. Something to shoot for.

If you’re starting to feel lazy and are considering skipping out on the gym, or cheating on your diet because it’s easier, think about this.

In a couple of months, you could be walking down the beach, having a good time with your friends, maybe playing catch with a frisbee, and all of a sudden you’ll look around and feel that literally, EVERYONE is trying to catch glimpses of you.

Girls are looking at you like “who’s that guy?” Then you’ll have jealous boyfriends who are trying to distract their girlfriends from looking at YOU.

You may even have people approach you because of it, asking if they can feel, or have nervous girls come up and say “Hey my friend over there thinks you’re really hot, do you wanna come hang out with us?”.

Imagine the pride and confidence you’d feel within yourself!

Think about THAT, and then ask yourself if you want to go to the gym. If you’re anything like me, the only answer is FUCK YES.

The Right Diet For A Chiseled Abs

Diet to get Greek God abs

In order to get a Greek god physique, you’re gonna need the right diet to get ripped as fast as possible and LOWER your body fat percentage.

Fortunately, if you’re a hardgainer, you probably already have abs and it’s just about tweaking your diet to give you an advantage.

If you’re slightly overweight or even obese however, you’re gonna want to start counting your calories and losing weight.

Despite which one you are, everyone who wants Greek god abs should utilize the following diet tips:

  • Eat 1 Gram Of Protein Per Pound Of body weight (If You Weigh 185 lbs, Then Get 185 Grams Of Protein)
  • Drink A Ton Of Water (More On This Later)
  • Get The Right Supplements Like Creatine, Or A Fat Burning Preworkout
  • Eat Healthy Fats That Boost Testosterone

Again, I won’t get too in-depth with your diet, because as a hardgainer this is really all you need.

If you’re looking for a full nutrition layout where I show you exactly what to eat, how much, timing, etc. to give yourself an unfair advantage then consider checking out my program.

The Workout To Achieve A Greek God Physique

Example of Greek God physique showing targeted ab muscles

Next, and arguably the most important factor in getting Greek God abs, are the actual workouts you are doing to BUILD the muscle mass.

I do not care what anyone says, not all workouts target and develop abs in the same way.

You will hear a lot of bullshit excuses as to why people have the abs they do, one of the ones that really bothers me, is when people blame their genetics.

I’d say nine times out of ten, it’s not your genetics. You just aren’t putting in the work to get the results you want.

I’ve heard the genetics excuse for literally the dumbest things, like “Oh, I can’t build any muscle mass because I’m not built that way genetically” or “I just have really bad genetics, and that’s why I can’t do x,y,z.”

Like no dude, you’re literally just lazy and/or are doing the wrong things.

To help avoid this, I’m going to give you a simple foundation to creating that V-Cut midsection, that literally creates an arrow of strength that looks like it’s pointing towards your junk.

To achieve this you need to do a few things:

  1. Workout Your Lower Abs Properly To Get That “V” Shaped Look
  2. Work Your Obliques Properly To get The Tapered Frame
  3. And Do Specified Workouts To Really Make Your Abs POP

Notice how I’ve been talking about doing things PROPERLY for a while now.

The reason why is because doing the exercises with perfect mind-muscle connection is the difference between mediocre abs and the abs you’d see on a Greek god physique.

Think about it, if you’re doing sit-ups, and you’re kind just rocking up and down, do you think you’ll get the same results as the guy who consciously contracts his abs in a way that FORCES his body to go up in a controlled manner? Hell no!

We’ll talk more about this later but for right now, let’s give you some exercises that you can start TODAY to start seeing damned good results for getting your V-cut, Greek God abs.

Then when you’re ready, we can move on to the advanced level.

If you want to get an Adonis belt, (that arrow that points to your junk) then start with these…

  • Hanging Leg Raises (Can Be Done Laying Down)
  • Scissors or Flutter Kicks
  • Windshield Wipers (Advanced)

If you wanna start getting that V-taper in your obliques, start with these…

  • Russian Twists
  • Oblique Crunches
  • Side Planks

If you just want your abs to POP, and appear more round, full, and strong, start with these…

  • Yoga Ball Crunches
  • Ab Rollouts
  • Decline Sit-ups

These exercises will be good to get you started.

Start doing these at the beginning or end of your regular workouts (I prefer afterward so my abs are fresh enough to do heavy compound lifting) for a couple sets.

Stay consistent. Follow the diet and tips listed below, and you will achieve a Greek God physique. Guaranteed.

Tips And Tricks For Greek God Abs

Greek sculpture showing Greek God abs as fitness inspiration

All in all, you really only need the first half of this article to get a damn good six-pack.

That being said, if you wanna go from damn good abs to GREEK GOD abs, then make sure to utilize the following tips.

Some good tips and tricks to get you started in the right direction of building a Greek god body are:

  • Do Fasted Cardio
  • Drink A Gallon Of Water
  • Develop Mind Muscle Connection
  • Cut Out The Sugar

Again, you only really NEED, the diet, program, and mindset, to succeed.

But, this next part is for the beasts, the people who aren’t satisfied with just being great, they wanna be the best. If this is you, then read on.

Do Fasted Cardio To Lose Fat Fast

Cardio for weight loss and sculpting Greek God Abs

Fasted cardio is when you do some sort of aerobic activity that gets your heart pumping while you’re fasted. Meaning it’s been at least like 8-12 hours since you last had food.

Now I know what you might be thinking, “But Matthew, why would I WILLINGLY starve myself, that sounds MISERABLE!”. Good question.

The truth is when you fast from food for various hours of the day (called intermittent fasting which I will create a whole article on in the future), you actually see a TON of benefits.

If you want Greek God abs this is one of the fastest ways to do so.

How does this work? I’ll keep it short, but essentially understand 2 things:

  • Your body’s main source of energy comes from carbs (Things like bread, pasta, etc. This is why marathon runners do “Carb loading” Before the race, so they have optimal energy
  • Fat is a MUCH more efficient source of fuel for your body (Cavemen would literally use animal fat to burn for fire, because it’s that damn effective) [R]

So, if you follow a typical intermittent fasting schedule, such as you only eat from noon to eight o’clock, and the rest of the 16 hours a day you don’t eat ANYTHING.

What ends up happening is that when eventually your body uses up all the energy from food, it starts to freak out a bit (you’ll get REALLY hungry when it hits you) but if you can push through it, what’ll happen is that your body still needs energy, so it goes to the most efficient fuel it knows of, and has been storing all your life: FAT.

When your body starts to burn its own fat, you start to feel AMAZING. The reason for this is that your body is literally running on better fuel.

In fact, plenty of studies have shown that intermittent fasting is linked to a TON of health benefits, which include:

  • Dramatically Increases HGH (human growth hormone)
  • Helps Shred Fat & Lose Body Fat Insanely Fast
  • Boosts Testosterone
  • Enhance Cell Waste Removal (great for hangovers)
  • Severely cuts down risks of heart-related diseases

All of these will help you develop Greek God abs, but the important thing to note, is that if you do IF and cardio at the same time? You will literally watch fat melt off like butter.

Note: If you are REALLY lean and skinny, I would avoid this because if you get to REALLY low levels of body fat your body can end up burning muscle instead.

Drink A Ton Of Water

Emphasis on drinking water for better ab definition and overall health
This guy drinks about 4 gallons a day! You are not The Rock though, stick with one.

This is another section I’ll try to keep short. But essentially you should be getting a gallon of water a day.

Water is a HUGE part of any diet because it plays so many key roles throughout the body, and if you want a Greek God body, then make sure you’re getting enough.

Drinking water helps you lose fat, optimize your hormones, keep you healthy, and in this case, helps reveal your six-pack by maintaining a healthy body composition.

The reason why, is that if you’re not getting enough water your body starts to store what little water it DOES get, kind of like FAT.

If you want shredded Greek God abs and to get ripped naturally then you’ll find it essential to rid yourself of this layer.

This is called water retention and is why you may look bloated the day after drinking a lot of alcohol or Chinese food (both of which severely dehydrates you).

In order to get rid of water retention, you have to drink a LOT more water ironically enough.

When you drink more water it signals to your body “Oh, we don’t need all this excess water because we’re getting plenty of it right now”.

When you start to drink more water you’ll notice a ton of other benefits too, from better skin hair, and nails, to being happier, being able to think more clearly etc.

Note: If this is your first time drinking a gallon of water a day, just know for the next few days you’ll be peeing like a damn racehorse. It will not stay this way however, and your body should be adjusted by about a week of drinking a gallon a day.

Cut Out The Sugar

“All sugar?! How will I live Matthew?” You will live like a ripped badass, that’s how. As good as it tastes, sugar is TERRIBLE for you.

Sugar will put on fat, faster than actual fat will.

How is this possible? It’s possible because sugar plays a key role in your body’s insulin production.

Insulin is essentially your body’s “storage hormone”. So when Insulin is high, nearly everything you eat afterwards, your body will try to store in one way or another.

Now, sometimes you can use this to your advantage, like eating Rice Krispy treats before a workout to get a MONSTER pump (because the insulin stores the carbs from the snack into your MUSCLES).

But, more often than not, if you want Greek God abs, then you should cut out the sugar.

Download a nutrition tracker like MyFitnessPal, and try to get below at LEAST 100 grams of sugar per day. Trust me, it will be a lot harder than you think, once you realize just how much sugar is in damn near everything but the results will be incredibly worth it if you push through the pain period.

Even high-level athletes do this from time to time because it’s just THAT good for you. Kobe did it, Lebron did it, and if you want those shredded Greek God abs, then you should do it too.

Develop PERFECT Mind Muscle Connection (Advanced)

Frank Zane with greek god abs

If I had ONE secret for how to get a Greek God body, it would be teaching myself, and my clients, how to develop perfect mind-muscle connection.

This essentially means contracting the right muscles, in the proper order, at the right angle, degree, etc. for each workout.

This is why I put it in the “Advanced” section because although it will take some time to learn at first, the results will be incredibly worth it.

I talk about how to do this in my program, but essentially what it comes down to is 3 things:

  • Really FOCUS On The Muscle And Squeeze That Muscle So Hard, The Weight Moves. (Don’t think “move the weight and THEN the muscle will work)
  • Don’t Allow Any Other Muscles To Contribute To Whatever You’re Targeting (For hanging leg raises, a lot of people will use their hip flexors more than they’re abs. If you’ve ever done this exercises and your upper legs next to your crotch are more sore then your abs, then you need some work.)
  • Learn How To Do The Exercises PROPERLY. This Is Key.

Dramatically increased definition, MUCH faster muscle gain, and the ability to sculpt your body like play-doh, are just SOME of the benefits that come with developing a perfect mind-muscle connection.

Again, I go in-depth with how to do all of this in my programs, but for now, just focus on those three things. Put in the work to learn them, and you will be quite literally ahead of 99% of other people who casually go to the gym.

So go be that winner, NOW!

Want A Greek God Body Workout Plan?

Greek God body workout plan

At this point, I’ve given you guys everything you need to get that Greek God physique that you’ve always wanted. The only thing left for you to do is start.

I realize this can also be a LOT to take in if you’re just getting started. So if you want a full value-packed guide to getting the best 6 pack possible, then look no further than the Aesthetic Abs Series program.

The Aesthetic Abs Series will teach you how to get Greek God abs for you by doing the following:

  • Give You Access To 3 Levels Of Custom Ab Routines, For Beginners All the Way Up To Bodybuilding Competitors!
  • A Full Nutritional Layout Plan, That Shows You EXACTLY What To Eat (No More Fretting About Calories, Protein, Getting All the Proper Hormone Boosting Foods Etc.)
  • A Clear, Easy To Follow Guide To Developing Perfect Mind Muscle Connection That Even A KID Could Follow
  • All The Supplements You Should Be Taking For The Fastest Results, And Optimal Health
  • And much, much, more…

Overall, although it may be overwhelming at first, if you commit to at least an hour a day dedicated to fitness, whether it be prepping your meals, watching cool stuff on YouTube, or practicing how to do the exercises correctly, in 2-3 months time, you will be LIGHT YEARS ahead of everyone else who didn’t take action.

It may seem overwhelming and intimidating at first, but if you stick with it, it’s actually incredibly easy. The only thing you need to do is to discipline yourself and stick with it. Stay consistent. Don’t make another “new years” goal that you won’t stick to.

All the benefits that come with a shredded lifestyle (and trust me, there are many) can be yours. So take action TODAY. Start doing some of the exercises, go grocery shopping, get a gym membership, just do SOMETHING to further your dreams.

If you have any questions comments or concerns, feel free to shoot me an email at or dm me on my insta @realmatthewcarter and I’ll try to get back to you guys as soon as I can!

And until next time,

Matthew Carter

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