Baki Workout & Diet: How To Get A Body Like Baki (2024)

Recently, I’ve been having a ton of guys hit me up for the Baki workout routine, and the secrets to his physique and it’s NO surprise as to why.

Baki is a jacked grappler warrior, who’s also incredibly proportional, lean, and with prominent features that separate him from your average gym goers physique.

There’s articles out there that explain how to train like Baki, but not how to get a body like Baki, which is equally important because understand this…

You can train like Baki for YEARS and never get a body like him unless you do the proper workouts.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down Baki’s physique, and giving the exercises that will make up the Baki workout routine to give you the physique of the man himself.

Baki Workout Vs. Baki’s Training

Baki workout routine vs. Baki Training
Baki vs. Me

Once more, there is a difference between training like Baki and LOOKING like him with a Baki inspired workout.

If you watch the show, you’ll see that his main form of training is calisthenics like pull ups.

And while you can certainly build muscle with calisthenics, you will not get your favorite grappler’s physique with calisthenics alone, you need some form of weight training.

The truth is that this workout and diet will incorporate many styles of weight training and cardio as well as good nutrition.

Baki Training

Baki is well known for his incredible feats of physical performance.

In one of the episodes, he does 15 pull-ups before anyone can even register that he did them.

This shows us that he is incredibly adept at calisthenics which is good, as Baki has a physique similar to a jacked Gymnast.

If you take a look at the comparison above, you’ll see that he has me by a good 10-20lbs of pure muscle.

However, this is actually good news as it shows that you don’t NEED to be massive in order to have a similar physique, you just have to have the right proportions.

For example, although he and I have similar arms, abs, body structure etc. he CLEARLY has me in the capped shoulders, and lower chest areas.

That’s where the Baki training routine comes in as it’s a group of exercises designed to give you the physique of Baki AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

So, to quickly recap: You don’t need to be massive to look like Baki, but you should strive to have the same proportions that he does which we’ll talk about next…

How To Get A Body Like Baki

In my estimate, Baki would probably be working out 6 days a week, while taking a day off to make sure he is getting enough rest.

Any more than this and you run the risk of overworking your muscles, which would actually hinder your progress.

For the Baki Workout, we need to look at what makes up his legendary physique.

The muscles we’ll be focusing on in the Baki workout routine are as follows:

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Baki’s Demon Back
  • Arms
  • Aesthetic 6-Pack

Obviously, we’ll be incorporating legs into the workout split as well, as heavy squats, leg press, etc. are great for boosting testosterone, and are key for developing a well-rounded physique.

These are the muscles that separate Baki’s physique from the average gym bro, and is what makes his physique so sought after by many guys.

The chest, shoulders, back, arms, and 6-pack will be the key focuses for this Baki training program.

Massive Chest

Nothing says “Strong Badass” like a massive, well-defined chest, and is definitely one of the best muscle groups that he has.

It’s evenly developed from the outer to the inner chest (Which we’ll accomplish with cable crossovers).

He’s also got great outer chest development which helps his chest “stand out” from his physique.

(Probably from the dips he does which we’ll incorporate in the Baki workout routine)

Lastly, his upper chest is just as or NEAR just as developed as his lower chest, which is often a hard feat (Unless you’re on steroids).

But to accomplish this we’ll be doing specifically targeted forms of incline bench press.

Note: For my calisthenics guys here, you can also add in a fuck ton of push ups or dips if you want a great variation to build up that lower chest.

3-D Broad Shoulders

Next up on the list of Baki muscles, are his shoulders.

Tight, broad, 3-D, capped, etc. would all be great words to describe the grappler’s delts.

Specifically the capped part of his delts which helps them stand out from the sides more, as opposed to “sagging” towards the arms.

(To accomplish the “capped” look, we’ll be incorporating upright rows and some shoulder press into the Baki workout.)

Another key point, is the separation he has between his front delts and chest, which not a lot of guys have. (Can be accomplished with strict front raise form)

One more thing, Baki’s front delts are more compact than most people who have more lengthy front delts.

I’ve found that rope front raises are best for achieving this look, which is why they’ll be incorporated into the Baki workout plan.

Demon Back: Getting Baki Back Muscles

Okay, I won’t lie. I laughed the first time I saw Baki’s back muscles.

Yes, it’s impressive and he is known for his “Demon Back” but no matter how much you train or how many steroids you take, you’re back will NOT look like that.

Not because he’s too jacked, but because the muscles in the back literally do not look like that in real life.

That being said, you can still get your own demon back, it just won’t look exactly like Baki’s back muscles.

To accomplish the “Demon” look, we’re gonna be focusing on back thickness, width, and developing the “Christmas tree” at the bottom.

For thickness, we’ll be adding heavy deadlifts and rows into the pull day of Baki workouts.

For width, I hope you like pull-ups, because we’re going to be spending a LOT of time at the pull up bar.

We’ll also be incorporating Lat pulldowns in addition to the pull ups into the Baki workout routine.

And lastly, I want you guys to develop the “Christmas tree” in your back, because if you’re lean enough to see it, then you’ll be able to develop your own “demon back” guaranteed.

Powerful Arms

So for his arms, it might actually surprise a lot of people when I say that he actually doesn’t have massive arms.

His forearms are actually much larger in comparison (which makes sense because he’s a grappler).

So you should definitely take the time to develop powerful and aesthetic forearms.

However, he still has good definition, long biceps, horseshoe triceps, etc.

For the long biceps, we want to be getting a good stretch on them so we’ll be adding incline curls into the Baki workout.

And for the defined, detailed triceps, we’ll be adding a special type of rope pushdown into the Baki routine.

Shredded 6-Pack

Last but certainly not least on the list of Baki muscles is his Aesthetic 6-pack.

I won’t go too in-depth here, as I have a whole program called “The Aesthetic Abs Series” where I break down the EXACT exercises, diet, and elite tips to get a shredded V-taper.

That being said, some things to note about Baki’s abs are that he has very tight and narrow obliques.

He has the serratus which tapers down towards his pelvis, giving it that “V” shape look to it.

And his abs are thick, which you can develop by adding weight to any sort of crunching movement.

Remember though, it doesn’t matter how much you work out your abs if you’re not at a low enough body fat to even see them.

To get lean enough and shred fat, you’ll want to focus on your diet, and follow the various fitness model secrets to melt fat like butter.

How This Routine Works

How to get a body like Baki

For the Baki workout split, we’ll be following a push, pull, legs protocol so that we are hitting all muscles with enough consistent intensity, and frequency.

You can do all three workouts and then take a rest day, or you can go through all 3 days, repeat, and then take one rest day, the choice is yours.

Remember, if you want to learn how to get a body like Baki, then you need to train like he does too.

This means pushing yourself to your limit so that you can see REAL gains.

With that being said, I recommend you give this routine and diet a shot for 90 days and see how your body transforms.

Now, enough distraction, here is the Baki Hanma workout routine and diet.

Baki Workout Routine Day 1: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Incline Bench Press:

6×12,12,10,8,8,5 (Increase weight each set)

Cable Crossovers:

4×12 (Get really strong at these)

Chest Dips: (Video for proper form here)

3xFAILURE (Do as many as you can possibly do each set, Lean forward, and really focus on stretching your chest at the bottom. Add weight eventually)

Incline DB Bench Press OR Chest Pullovers (Optional)


Seated Shoulder Press:

4×10 (Focus on just using your shoulders, NOT traps or legs)

Rope Front Raises
3×12 (Use Strict Form)

Upright Rows:


Rear Delt Flys:


Tricep Rope Pushdowns:

4×12 (Really Flex the whole Tricep, mind muscle connection is HUGE on this one)

Overhead Tricep Extensions:

3×10 (Go heavy, focus on the stretch at the bottom)


Baki Workout Routine Day 2: Back & Biceps


5×12,10,8,5,3 (Increase weight each set)

Pull-Ups (Any Kind)

5×15 (Add weight eventually)

Lat-Pulldowns OR Lat Pushdowns:


T-Bar Rows:


Alt. Plate Seated Rows:


Incline Curls:


Reverse Grip Barbell Curls:

3×12 (These will help with arm definition)


Baki Workout Routine Day 3: Legs

Back Squats:

5×12,10,8,5,3 (Increase weight each set, go ass to grass)

Leg Press:


Romanian Deadlifts:


Quad extensions:


Hamstring Curls:


Standing Calf Raises:

3×20 (Should be able to do double your body weight with perfect from, no rushing)

Seated Calf Raises:



Baki Workout & Diet Guidelines

Baki workout & diet

Now, to complement the Baki workout, we also need to talk about the diet.

Your diet is the #1 thing you should be focusing on when trying to get crazy lean, or even pack on mass amounts of muscle.

Now, you can still use various muscle-building supplements like a quality pre workout, but your diet should be the foundation.

You could run till you’re blue in the face, but if your diet is trash then you won’t lose fat.

You could train for 6 hours a day like I used to, but if you don’t get enough protein, and hormone-boosting foods, then you won’t build muscle on the Baki workout, period.

This is why I recommend the best hardgainer diet to pack on muscle while you do the Baki workout

After that, make sure you’re getting enough protein, at least 1 gram per pound of body weight.

How To Get Baki Ab Muscles & Cardio

Baki workout routine for abs

The last point of the Baki workout is how to get abs like Baki and how you should approach cardio.

To add abs into the Baki workout, simply choose a few ab exercises to do at the end of Days 1 and 3.

If you want a shredded V-taper, I’d recommend adding hanging leg raises, and Russian twists.

If you want thick abs that POP, then do cable crunches.

Before we move on, some of you may be wondering about cardio, and for good reason as Baki does a LOT of it throughout the show.

Cardio is great, however you do not NEED it when you’re doing the base Baki workout.

The weight lifting and calisthenics in the Baki workout could count for your daily cardio.

However, if you really want to add cardio, I’d recommend either doing some light jogging before your workouts to warm up, or doing some sort of HIIT training at the end, to finish it off.

If you really want the full Baki experience, then you can also add some intense mixed martial arts training/sparring, just be aware that some martial arts training is more intense than the workout itself, and you’ll need to learn how to manage energy and recover properly from your workouts.

Ultimately, what you choose to do with his workout is up to you.

Now, at this point you can click on another website and completely forget about this routine…

Or you can take action NOW and start building the physique of Baki the grappler so that in a couple of months you can be jacked beyond belief and get massive attention/respect from friends, family, and yes, girls.

What will you choose?

Want A Full Workout & Diet Plan?

If you enjoyed this article and found the advice helpful, then I’d HIGHLY recommend taking a look at my ebook “The Aesthetics Blueprint

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In the end, this is the routine that I believe will not only get you to LOOK like Baki Hanma but also move and feel like him too.

If you’re a hardgainer, I predict that in 3 months following the Baki workout and diet, you could easily pack on a ton of muscle.

As always I hope you guys enjoyed this article, I hope to write more like these in the future, so if you enjoyed it or have any questions feel free to hit me up, and I’ll get back to you guys as soon as I can.

Till next time,


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