Approved Resources

Welcome to the approved resources page! This is where I post the best of the best shit that I’ve personally tested, experimented with, and found to be very helpful in achieving my dream physique and health goals.

Here, I recommend everything that gave me a competitive advantage that you can have as well. From Testosterone boosters, Pre-workouts and more, you are guaranteed to find something to take you to the NEXT LEVEL.

This is also where I keep a¬†catalogue of discount codes¬†(my gift to you). By buying the items below, you’re helping to support this website and keep it free of advertisements – so thanks a whole bunch, friend!

Best Supplements & Gym Gear

#1 Testosterone Booster

The best supplement for boosting testosterone on the market right now. Use it as a SARMs Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), or just use it alone to increase your testosterone levels.

  • Studied Ingredients – Clinically Proven To Increase Testosterone

  • Boosts Libido – Higher Sex Drive, Energy, And Confidence

  • Reduces Brain Fog – Crystal Clear Thinking To Help Achieve Goals