The Ultimate Amino Asylum Review +20% Discount (2024)

What’s goin on man, it’s Matthew here and today I’ll be presenting you the ULTIMATE 2024 Amino Asylum review based on over 5+ years of continuous use.

As a brief introduction, Amino Asylum is an online store that sells all sorts of products from SARMs to Cialis (basically viagra), peptides, and more, all for some of the most competitive prices on the internet.

And today, I’ll be providing you with my no B.S. review of Amino Asylum, all the way from results, to things like shipping, 3rd party verification, quality control, and more.

But don’t JUST take my word for it. Here’s what Jordan, a fitness enthusiast and a regular customer of Amino Asylum, has to say:

“Since I started using products from Amino Asylum, the change in my workout results has been phenomenal. The quality and effectiveness of their SARMs are unmatched, and I’ve personally never felt better!'”

Now, without further ado, let’s jump right in and uncover what sets Amino apart in the crowded world of fitness supplements…

My Amino Asylum Review

Right off the bat, my overall review of Amino Asylum is 5/5 stars for effectiveness, shockingly low prices, and SAFETY.

Chances are, if you found this review online, you’re interested in the SARMs side, and rest assured, as they are one of the TOP 3 in the industry as the BEST places to buy SARMs. (Number one depending on who you ask.)

And when it comes to most of the competition, it really isn’t even fair just how much Amino blows them out of the water.

With other companies, you’d often have to gamble and just HOPE that their SARMs weren’t laced with other nasty shit…

Not with Amino Asylum however, as they lay out to you the results of their quality control right on their website and on their Instagram page.

On top of that, they also sell their research chemicals for the best prices on the internet… No joke, especially if you use code “HB20” for 20% off your order.

Is Amino Asylum Legit 2024?

In my experience, Amino Asylum is Legit. In fact, they’re arguably the MOST legit in the industry, which believe it or not has both pros and cons.

While the pros are obvious, the cons are that other vendors that sold the same quality products were taken DOWN by the FDA due to a lot of the products being in a legal “gray zone”.

This wasn’t just once either, it’s happening to vendors EVERYWHERE, where they’ll be going strong and just get hit with the ban hammer seemingly out of nowhere

Specifically when these vendors sell SARMs with easy/simple payment plans.

Amino Asylum95% of the competition
3rd-Party Tested For SafetyNo 3rd-Party Testing
Over 99% Pure SARMsSARMs Often Laced With Pro Hormones Because It’s Cheaper
Offers Best Prices On The InternetOften Overcharge For An Incomplete Dosage

For this reason, if you’re interested in their research chemicals, I’d recommend getting them NOW.

And to answer your original question: Yes, they are most certainly legit.

(Update: Is Amino Asylum Legit 2024? The answer is a resounding YES, as since the time of writing this article, They’ve done nothing but go UP in quality.)

My Experience & Results With Them

Now let’s talk about my actual review of my overall experience.

To start, when you visit their website everything is kept super simple, professional, and easy to navigate.

Some people get turned off by the fact that it’s so simple but I’d imagine that’s one of the ways that they keep from getting BANNED.

Rest assured though, your products will get to you fast and on time and you’ll be able to use them with great efficiency.

Personally, I’ve ordered a couple of SARMs from them as well as other supplements like Melanotan (Which I love) and whatnot.

Overall, to rate their overall experience, I’d say it’s fantastic as it’s very professional and straight to the point.

You want some RAD-140, MK-677 or various peptides? Simply order it from their site and it’ll be at your door in discrete packaging within roughly 3-5 business days with their accelerated shipping.

Benefits Of Amino Asylum Supplements

Here’s a brief recap of the overall benefits of Amino Asylum itself… Great prices, third-party verification, HUGE catalog of products, and EXTREMELY effective.

That’s on Amino Asylum as a whole, but they offer a huge range of quality products that each have their own unique benefits.

Here’s just a few of their other products and their benefits:

  • MK-677 (Shown to improve HGH) [R]
  • RAD-140 (Shown to drastically improve strength) [R]
  • Melanotan (Shown to give users a natural golden tan) [R]
  • and much more…

Those are just a few, even though they have a HUGE selection of products.

Now, and this must be stated, do NOT just randomly ingest any substances without doing your research and consulting with a doctor first.

Amino Asylum SARMs Review

Again, I want to stress in this article is that they have a MASSIVE range of products, for just about any fitness or bodybuilding-related goal you might have.

For the sake of this article though, we’ll be boiling down nearly 100 products to the most popular and asked about options, which in this case I’ll give my Amino Asylum SARMs review.

To do this, we’ll be narrowing down the products into 3 categories:

  • Best For Bulking
  • Best For Cutting
  • Miscellaneous

We’ll mainly be talking about SARMs as they are the most effective and is by FAR the most popular category for this company and it’s customers.

*Note: If you just want the overall review and discount code, then they get 5/5 stars for effectiveness, price, and safety. You can aslo use code “HB20” for 20% off your entire order.

Best SARMs For Bulking

To get started, let’s look into how their SARMs can get you jacked. Remember to make sure you do your research before you dive in mindlessly.

I’ll have a SARMs guide up in the future but remember that as with any supplement, improper use can lead to serious consequences

For example, if you abuse these products and put on muscle TOO FAST then your joints won’t be able to catch up and you’ll risk injury.

That being said though, I and other people who have left reviews on their SARMs (oftentimes reddit users) have had nothing but positive experiences when used properly.

Now, without further ado, here are the best products to bulk up for most people:

Now, any of these by themselves will shoot your gains through the ROOF and I strongly recommend only trying one at a time when you first get started.

That being said, eventually, you may want to crank things up a notch and start COMBINING them… This is called a SARMs stack as certain SARMs often work well together creating a 1+1 = 3 type of situation.

Now, don’t just stack everything you see above recklessly, as this would just wreak havoc on your liver and lead to blocked gains/benefits.

If you want some good ideas for SARM stacks, you can check out this article I wrote where I provide some medium-level SARM stacks. (It’s towards the end of the article)

Best SARMs For Getting Shredded

On the flip side of this review are the best SARMs for getting shredded…

One thing I want to emphasize is that there is NOTHING that will beat an awesome diet and workout routine when it comes to getting shredded… period.

That being said, these products come pretty dang close and if you combine these WITH a great diet and workout regime then you are in for one hell of a weight loss journey.

Here are the best products for getting shredded:

The same things that can be said for the bulking SARMs can be said here as well.

Each of these will help with fat loss significantly, especially cardarine which is often labeled as a “workout in a bottle”.

I also have a great fat loss stack in the same article right underneath the medium-level bulking stack if you’re interested.

Other Compound Selection Reviews

Keeping the ball rolling here, they also sell more than just SARMs, which is something I wanted to stress in my Amino Asylum review.

They literally have a ton of other products such as various amino health blends that are designed to give you a MASSIVE pump.

I personally haven’t tried these yet but the people I know who HAVE taken them, have all said that it was the greatest pump of their LIVES.

Here are a few other fan favorites:

I’ve personally used all the above, and just from personal experience, I can tell you it’s legit.

The Melanotan nasal spray is nice too… People say that the nasal spray isn’t nearly as effective as the injectable version, and to be fair, they’re right.

But for people who aren’t a fan of needles, the spray works just fine for getting a perfect bronze tan that lasts WAY longer.

Safety, Side Effects, & Quality Control

Now, if you’re a beginner to stuff like this, you’ve likely added some words to your vocabulary.

“Armidex? YK-11? I’ve heard of the others, but what the hell are those?” you might be asking, and the simple answer is that if you don’t know what it is, then don’t worry about it, because the people who know, KNOW.

It’s important to do your research beforehand so that you don’t go making reckless decisions that could potentially land you in the hospital.

Side effects from SARMs can include:

  • Slightly Increased Aggression (some people like this feeling, as they report feeling more confident & assertive)
  • Headaches
  • Potential Hair Loss
  • Decreased Skin Quality
  • Increased Appetite (can be good if you’re bulking)
  • Dry Joints & Temporary Testosterone Suppression (only with extremely strong sarms or extremely heavy doses)
  • and more…

In the end, as long as you aren’t abusing the SARMs and sticking to the recommended dose, you will hardly ever get side effects.

In fact, the only times I have EVER gotten side effects is when I would recklessly increase the dosage because I wanted faster results, so I’m speaking from experience here.

Just take it easy, follow the prescribed dosing protocol and you’ll be more than fine, and even if you DO get any of the “serious side effects” 99% of them revert back to normal within a few weeks after stopping use.

Amino Asylum FAQs

We’ve made it to the end of this review and I thought I’d go over the most common questions I get or have heard floating around the internet.

Usually, the most common question I get is “Are they legit?” and as I hope you’ve learned by now… YES, it certainly is!

But if you have any other questions or comments, you can leave a message at the bottom of the article, or feel free to dm me on Instagram @realmatthewcarter.

Are The Research Chemicals 3rd-Party Verified?

One thing I talked about in my Amino Asylum review is how not only are they verified but they are also known and respected for showing the results of their tests right on their site.

This is important, and I would strongly advise one to use caution in buying SARMs from any company that doesn’t have this third-party testing guarantee.

The reason for this being is that when the online SARMs industry first started, there were TONS of reports of people getting ridiculous side effects – way more than what anyone would get from SARMs…

It turned out that a lot of these companies were lacing their products with prohormones and NOT telling their customers.

These days it’s much less common, but with Amino Asylum’s 3rd party results as proof, you can order with confidence that you’re getting the REAL DEAL.

Is Amino Asylum Legal?

To put it in a short answer: Yes… for now.

You see, their research chemicals (SARMs specifically) are in a legal grey area…

Yes, it’s legal to buy/own and use for “research purposes” but it is illegal to consume them.

However, there have been many legal battles that have tried to fully make SARMs illegal to buy which is why I recommend anyone who wants to get them, the sooner the better as really anything could happen.

Amino Asylum Coupon Code

Another key aspect of this company is that they are literally some of the best-priced products on the internet even WITHOUT discount codes.

That being said though, if you want to pay even less money and get an extra 20% off your order, then use code “HB20” at checkout.

I highly recommend trying out some intermediate-level SARM stacks as well as their other research chemicals.

Do You Need A PCT?

PCT or post-cycle therapy is needed after anabolically intense steroid or SARM cycles in order to return your hormones back to normal as fast as possible.

The truth, however, is there are very few products sold by Amino Asylum in which you would need a PCT.

So unless you are stacking a bunch of intense SARMs together for extended periods of time, you do not need a PCT but it may be recommended just in case.

As a side note, another compound they sell is called “liver restore” and is great for either overall liver health, or if you somehow really fuck up a cycle. So that’s there if you need it just in case.

How Good Is Their Shipping?

Amino Asylum has the industry standard when it comes to shopping online which is about 3-5 business days shipping.

I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff from Amino Asylum and everything was delivered within that window without fail thus far.

The packages typically arrive wrapped in bubble wrap so as to protect the glass bottles that most of their products come in.

Keep in mind though that as of 2024 I live in the U.S. and can’t speak about their delivery or response times to other countries.

But for those of you in the U.S. you can often order a product on Monday and have it at your door before the weekend.

Customer Reviews

After looking at the vast majority of Amino Asylum reviews, whether it be through their site, Reddit, or whatever, the overall general consensus is that Amino Asylum is legit.

Some customers get turned off by the design of their website and hey, to each their own.

But overall, reviews are positive for Amino products due to their price, effectiveness, and wide product selection.

I personally could not find a single SERIOUSLY negative review. People seem to agree that they are legit and the only complaints are usually rather nitpicky ones.

The fact of the matter is, Amino Asylum is one of the most highly reviewed and trustworthy businesses in its niche.

Amino Asylum Review: Final Thoughts

Amino Asylum discount code & coupon

Overall, I sincerely hope you enjoyed this review and gleaned some useful information from it.

I’ve been on the road recently and just got back home so I’ll be cranking out more high-quality articles so make sure to stay tuned if you want to keep crushing it!

Amino Asylum is my favorite online SARMs vendor as well as everything else I bought from them, and I’ll do a few brief 30-day cycles just to see how far I can push it.

As always, feel free to leave any comments, messages, or questions in the comments below or hit up my Instagram @realmatthewcarter and I’ll get back to you whenever I can.

Until next time!

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